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Tips That Hurt The Turbine

We must use a high quality lubricating spray before starting work with the turbine. Shake the oil spray well and use a special nozzle to inject the oil. The oil enters the turbine through the air inlet. Continue this until the clean floor is removed from it. Repeat the oil injection always before the autoclave and each machine.  Before the autoclave, disinfect the turbine surface with spray. Sterilize with an autoclave for 15 minutes at 136 degrees Celsius. Set the unit air pressure for the MME model BD2 (two holes) 2.2 times, and for the turbine MME BD4 (four holes) and turbine with AD 2.5 bar (PSI) coupling. Remember that in addition to the water filter, the air purifier and humidifier should be installed inside the unit. Always use standard bursts with a diameter of 1.60 to 1.60 mm. Even when the turbine is not working, the milling should be inside the turbine. When the turbine is finished, clean the water route with air. Tips That Hurt The Turbine: hit the turbine head Press the button to remove the milling before the full stop. Use of old and non-standard cutters and long-length bursaries. Excessive lateral pressure on the turbine during cutting. Inappropriate air pressure. Entry of wet air into the turbine. Castration rust due to the use of low-grade oil spray. Immerse in disinfectants

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