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A few points about low speed handpieces

Angel MME is a type of pembilk bearing. Do not use it at all if you hit the headband. Prior to using Angel, use the Airmotor Surgical Handpiece to use a high quality lubricating spray, with a special nozzle to penetrate the oil into the cavity, to continue until it reaches the clean floor. Always use standard bolts of 35.2 mm in diameter and 5.44 mm in length, and be careful that the cutters are clean and fresh. Before you begin, make sure Enogel is fully connected to the airmotor. The three Angel patches should always be clean. When working with Angel, do not detach it from the airmotor at all. Avoid immersing Anugel in disinfectants. Adjust the inlet air pressure for the MME Model 222 (two hole) of 3.3 bar (PSI) and for the 3.3 MPE (Four Hole) 3.3 MPE Airmotor (PSI). Avoid using handpieces (Angle, Airmotor, Surgery) without milling.

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