Retaining Length…Yes We Can!
Retaining Length…Yes We Can!  (visite count : 6158)

I listen to so many people complain about their hair not growing. I hear them say, “My hair just won’t grow." Another one I hear a lot is, “My hair has been the same length forever." Some of us just accept this as "just the way it is". Some of us think that only certain people are going to be blessed with long tresses and the rest of us have to suffer through life with hair that just won’t grow.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you can grow your own hair to long lengths with the right hair care products and a great hair regime.      
The first step is coming to the understanding that your hair DOES grow and acknowledging that there is a problem with your current hair regime. I know that some of us are in deep denial about our hair but realizing this fact is very important. Hair grows at the same rate for almost everyone.  The rate is 1/4th to ½ inch per month. That goes for all hair types and all nationalities. If this is true, we should all be growing our hair about 6 inches per year right? Why is it that some of us have the same hair length for years and years? If your hair is the same length and it has been 6 months or more, you have to tweak your hair care regime. Yes, your hair is growing but it is breaking at the same rate. You have evidence of hair growth because you need relaxer and or braid touchups. Not to be redundant but let us do the math. If your hair grows ½ inch per month and your hair is breaking off  at the rate of  ½ inch per month………it will amount to –ZERO- growth for that month. No length retention equals one month of growth down the drain. The key is to hang on to that ½ inch per month!                    
Why might your hair be breaking at the same rate in which it is growing? It could be due to numerous reasons such as parched - damaged- brittle ends (which break easily), improper use of relaxers, split ends, overuse of heat, overuse of permanent color / henna or a moisture / protein imbalance.                        
Date: 5/21/2013